1.1.5 CHANGES:
-don't notificate private networks from RFC 1918

To update from previous version change in authfail.conf only one line (this parameter must look like below):
@dont_add_into_database = ( "", "", "", "") ;
1.1.4 CHANGES:
-whois via e-mail notification
-added configuration parameters in authfail.conf for whois notification
1.1.3 CHANGES:
-regexp modification (user can use as username "n from" - ssh victim.host -l "n from") -debian/authfail.init script modification (You can't run authfail daemon now if it is in the running state)
1.1.2 CHANGES:
-BUG ip6tables (ipv6 support enabled)
-if iptables can't rebuild netfilter, don't die, only log information
1.1.1 CHANGES:
- mistake in README and INSTALL files (authfail.pl -> authfail)
- parameter "failled" -> "failedattempts"
- man file - "Olivier Lemaire (LEM)" - added debian/ directory
- signal 15 ends authfail daemon
- BUG - NULL parameter for rhost value in authentication failure i.e.:
   Jan  6 10:43:35 mail somedaemon[1234]: authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty= ruser= rhost=  user=someuser
1.1.0 CHANGES:
- /etc/authfail.conf file,
- Setup.pl script to autoinstall (supports Linux/BSD),
- pid file creating,
- signal 15 support (removing pid file),
- networks support in parameter dont_add_into_database.
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