checker - check activity of services and servers
I needed program which will control my services and hosts in my networks. This program gets data from file "check.hosts" an tries connect to services or ping to hosts. If something is downed program scans file "check.down" to find this host. If there isn't it checker adds this host to this file and sends e-mail to person configured in file "check.conf". If hosts or services from file "check.hosts" goes, program scans file "check.down" to find downed bevore hosts or services. If he finds them, sends e-mail that services or hosts is up, if he doesn't find them - does nothing.
Program for checking services (TCP) or hosts (ICMP) getting them from file check.hosts
Configuration file for program checker
File with hosts to check
File with hosts who were downed
The program is written under GNU GPL Public License.
Email bug reports to Be sure to include the word "checker" somewhere in the "Subject:" field.
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