1.2.4 CHANGES:
-added options:
-d Don't change modification times of altered files,
-q Quiet mode (no output at all),
-s Simulation mode.
1.2.3 CHANGES:
-added -w option: doesn't recognize regexp in OLDPATTERN. This option accelerates the whole process. Incompatible with -e and/or -n.
1.2.2 CHANGES:
-BUG "Segmentation fault" fixed.
1.2.1 CHANGES:
-Binary data support,
-option -v shows loops numbers and datasize to read and write.
1.2.0 CHANGES:
-BUG "Segmentation fault" at -r option fixed.
1.1.1 CHANGES:
-BUG -r (recursively) fixed.
-You can use "NULL" as [NEWPATTERN] to clear [OLDPATTERN], i.e.:
    chgrep oldstring NULL somefile.c
1.1.0 CHANGES:
-You can use regular expressions in [OLDPATTERN],
    -i Ignore differences in case at [OLDPATTERN],
    -n Treat [newline] as a regular character.
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