datefm - synchronize computer clock/ticking from FM
DateFM is a program for appliance which scans actual date from FM and send it through RS232 to the PC. Next "datefm" check that format is correct, compares date from PC with this one from RS and changes the ticking of the clock (inside PC) for the correct one.
You must have packet "adjtimex" to manipulate your kernel and synchronize system clock.
You must remove file 'last.txt' while rebooting the system to thorougly calculate how wrong goes system clock.
config for "datefm-1.0.0", if you want install packet edit this file and configure parameters
reads on serial line, calculates how goes system clock, updates CMOS and correct your system clock in kernel
gets time from file 'last.txt' (if exists) and display how many times ago was first update from FM
restores old configuration ttySX (if calibration was not complete)
The program is written under GNU GPL Public License.
Email bug reports to Be sure to include the word "datefm" somewhere in the "Subject:" field.
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