threads-pop3d - very fast and light THREADS POP3 Daemon which can work with MySQL.
threads-pop3d [-Dhv] [--dirhashes] [--children=CHILDREN] [--maxchildren=MAX_CHILDREN] [--help] [--version]
THREADS POP is an implementation of the Post Office Protocol server that conforms fully to the specifications in RFC 1939 (and later ones). For start/stop use /etc/rc.d/init.d/threads-pop3d.init script. After start THREADS POP uses syslogd to log all messages. If you will have some problems look in the file /var/log/mail.log. This daemon first print there information about started threads. Later you can see information about logged users. If you end work (don't forget about threads-pop3d.init script) you will see how many connections served everyone thread. The extra one thread show you how many connections daemon needed create for surplus. I.e. your daemon goes with 10 threads. In the one time connect themself 10 clients. Then server creates next threads to serve next clients. Now every extra client (connected in this same time) increases surpluses counter. After disconnection stays so many children as you gave in -c option. In the one time server can't overdraft MAX_CHILDREN number. If he does, then next clients must wait for disconnection the connected one.
-c, --children=CHILDREN
Runs THREADS POP with CHILDREN processes (default = 10).
-m, --maxchildren=MAX_CHILDREN
Runs THREADS POP with a maximum of MAX_CHILDREN processes (default = 200).
-h, --help
Displays a summary of options and exits.
-D, --dirhashes
Runs THREADS POP in order to get data from dirhashed subdirectory i.e. john -> j/o/john
-v, --version
Displays version information and exits.
/var/spool/mail mail files /etc/syslog.conf logging specifications
inetd(8), syslogd(8), syslog.conf(5), RFC1939
The program is written under GNU GPL Public License.
"Bartek Krajnik"
Please send all bug reports to Be sure to include the word "threads-pop3d" somewhere in the "Subject:" field.
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